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FLL Junior Prague [cz]


Registration until: 29.12.2018

Multifunctional hall Líbeznice

Multifunctional hall Líbeznice (25 minutes from the center of Prague)
Na Chrupavce 422
250 65 Líbeznice

Jan Dadik
STEM Education, s.r.o.
Antonína Judytky 874
250 65 Líbeznice
Czech republic

+420 724 655 780

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No close location?

You can't find any close FLL Junior location to your place? Then you have two other options: you can either take part in FLL Junior as an unofficial team (more details below) or you become a FLL Junior regional partner of HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. yourself. You can find all information regarding organising an official FLL Junior exhibition in the area "Become a partner of FLL Junior". 

Unofficial FLL Junior Exhibitions

In addition to the official FLL Junior exhibitions, other small unofficial exhibitions can be arranged upon request. As part of a project week, or an open day until the end of May 2019. If you have any questions, please contact us.