for FLL Junior Coaches and Regional Partners

New as an FLL Junior Coach?
Register your e-mail address to get access data. Registration for FLL Junior Coaches and teams is open from April 9th 2018 (4 pm) to October 21st 2018.

Already involved as a FLL Coach? If you are already registered as a FLL Coach and you also want to become a FLL Junior Coach, please send an email to fw@hands-on-technology.org We will open the FLL Junior area for you, so you won't have to get new access data. 

Already involved as a FLL Junior Coach? As soon as you're a registered FLL Junior Coach for Central Europe, you can login with your user name/password and edit your team data, download your invoice or find further tips & tricks how to prepare properly for FLL junior exhibitions.

If you are an official FLL Junior Regional Partner you get access to a hidden area with necessary ressources and documents for organizing FLL Junior exhibitions. Get in touch with fw@hands-on-technology.org, if you want to access the FLL Junior Regional Partner Platform.

Registration Requirements FLL Junior Central Europe

The most important requirements concerning the registration for a FLL Junior exhibition summed up:

  • a FLL Junior Team with up to 6 members between 6 and 10 years old (deadline: 1st of January 2018)
  • at least one adult FLL Junior Coach
  • a LEGO Education WeDo / WeDo 2.0 Robot Set
  • funding for FLL Junior Registration fee

Further details about the participation and ressources for coaches for a proper exhibition preparation can be found in here.

The online registration for the FLL Junior season 2018/19 is going to start on April 9th 2018 and will end On October 21st, 2018. FLL Junior Coaches have to go through a two-staged registration process on the FLL Junior Coach-Login website:

  • registration of an e-mail address to get access data or login with existing access data
  • subscribe a team for a FLL Junior exhibition

Please note, a FLL Junior Coach can subscribe several teams, but only in the same FLL Junior region. See a list of all exhibitions here.