Everything necessary for a successful participation in FLL Junior

Team & Coach

A FLL Junior Team consists of up to six team members between the ages of 6 and 10 years. Children should not be younger or older. The deadline for this age limit is the 1st of January of the year in which the tasks are published. The deadline for the season 2019/20 therefore is January, 1st 2019.

A FLL Junior team is supported by at least one adult coach (minimum age 18 years). The coach is the contact person for the organizers of the exhibition. He/she accompanies and motivates the team during the preparation time and at the exhibition day.

Is previous knowledge required to participate in FLL Junior?

For FLL Junior technical and non-technical skills are welcome and essential. In order to be successful in the project, the teams need creativity and skill beyond a technical understanding. Each team member can bring their own talent.

As a coach you should be interested in technology and science. In addition, a coach should be happy to help children discover and learn. However, no special technical knowledge is required. For anyone who wants to coach a FLL Junior Team, we provide sufficient preparation materials.

What materials are required?

  • Robot Set

We recommend the use of LEGO® Education WeDo Set (all versions) to participate in the program. More experienced teams can also use the LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 set under the condition that they integrate only one motor and max. 2 sensors in their team model.

For new teams, HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. offers LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 sets to lend for their first season. This offer is only valid while stocks last. If you're interested please contact us.

  • Inspire-Set

Each officially registered FLL Junior team receives a so-called Inspire-Set. This set contains approximately 700 LEGO® bricks and elements, 8 Minifigures, as well as 6 building plates (16 × 16 cm) and a building Instruction. The Inspire-Set is the starting point for the project work and the model to be built for the teams. There is a new Inspire-Set every season.

  • LEGO® bricks and elements

Teams will not need to buy additional building plates and LEGO® elements. They are of course free to purchase and use additional LEGO® elements if they want.

  • Printed Challenge Materials

All teams will receive printed materials together with their Inspire Set: 1 Team Meeting Guide and 6 Engineering Notebooks, which contain the missions, a structure of the team meetings as well as many helpful tips & tricks.

How much time is needed?

As a coach, you should meet with the team at least once a week during the preparation phase (approximately 12 team meetings). In addition, the coach accompanies the team on the day of the exhibition.

For the team members, the same time period applies. It is like a sports activity. The more prepared and practiced the team is, the bigger the success will be.

What are the costs?

The registration fee for FIRST LEGO League Junior is €137.00 per team (+shipping). The registration fee includes:

  • Inspire-Set (shipping excluded)

The Inspire-Set includes various LEGO® elements and bricks, Minifigures and building plates. From the end of July on it will be sent to officially registered teams. 

  • Resources for the coaches

Tips on web links, books, and resources to find support materials for the season theme.

  • Team Meeting Guide (PDF)

A guide adjusted for the twelve-week preparation phase. The guide provides lessons and activities to assist the coach during the season.

  • Engineering Notebook (PDF)

A workbook for the teammembers which can be used at every teammeeting. The workbook provides tasks, places for notes and drawings.

Through support from companies there are several options for interested teams to apply for a scholarship. Please find more information here.


The online registration for the exhibition season FLL Junior 2018/19 starts on April 9th and closes one by one from the 21st of October 2018 on. New team coaches need to proceed a two step registration process: registration of their e-mail address and subscription for teams to a FLL Junior Regional exhibition.

Requirements for registration are summed up: an FLL Junior Team with up to 6 members between 6 and 10, an adult FLL Junior Coach, an LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Robot Set and funding for the FLL Junior Registration fee. 

To register please go to the FLL Junior Coach-Login. Please note, an FLL Junior Coach can subscribe several teams but only in the same FLL Junior Regional Exhibition. A list of all locations can be found here.

The terms of the participation can be found in the subscription form for team registration and can be read here.