In the classroom

Here you will learn how the whole class can participate

Package for the classroom

At the same time, FIRST ® LEGO® League Junior covers many of the important learning content that is relevant to primary schools: the children learn to express their ideas and to find solutions in the group. The children communicate and present their ideas on a topic from the STEM area - which they have previously implemented together in a LEGO® model and a team poster - pure teamwork! By engaging in STEM topics, children acquire initial knowledge of technical and digital education.

For schools we therefore offer the package "FIRST ® LEGO® League Junior-In the classroom".

Which materials are needed?

The package includes all the materials needed for up to 30 children and two coaches - meaning that up to 5 teams in one class can work on the project at the same time. 

  • Motivational Set
    Each class team receives five so-called motivational sets. Each set contains approximately 700 LEGO® bricks and elements, 8 minifigures and 6 base plates 16 cm × 16 cm). The motivational set is the starting point for the project work and the model to be built for the teams. Every season there is a new motivational set.
  • Guide for team meetings for coaches/teachers
    With the two Team Meeting Guides, we give the coaches all the information they need to prepare and conduct the meetings.
  • Engineer notebooks
    Each classroom set includes 30 engineer notebooks. Each team member receives a copy at the first team meeting. The engineers notebook is to be used by the team members to record ideas, notes and sketches and is needed at every team meeting.
  • Medals and Certificates
    The set contains 30 medals and five certificates. The medals and certificates will be sent in autumn as separate package.
  • Guidance document for exhibition organization at the school
    The package also includes a guide on how to organize a FIRST ® LEGO® League Junior exhibition at a school. This document will be sent out in autumn.

In addition, each of the five teams requires:

  • Robot set (not included in the price)
    By default, we encourage FIRST ® LEGO® League Teams to use LEGO Education WeDo / WeDo 2.0. Experienced teams can also use LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot sets on condition that only one motor and max. to integrate two sensors into their model.
  • LEGO® bricks
    Teams do not need any other LEGO® bricks and base plates in addition to the motivational set. But of course each team is free to use more LEGO® elements.

How much time is needed?

As a teacher, you can integrate the topic very well into the regular school lessons and so, you are not tied to a time.

If it is planned to participate with a team, you should meet with the team at least once a week during the preparation period (in total about 12 team meetings). In addition, the coach accompanies the team on the day of the exhibition.

The same time schedule applies to the team members. It's like a sports activity. The more prepared and experienced the teams are, the greater the success in the end.

What costs arise?

The fee for the classroom package "FIRST ® LEGO® League Junior" has a special discount price of 435,-€ (plus shipping), (instead of 685,-€) for 30 children /5 teams and includes :

  • 5 Motivational-Sets 

  • 30 Engineer Notebooks

  • 2 Guides for the team meetings

  • 30 Medals and 5 Team Certificates

  • Guidance document for exhibition organization at the school

  • Login for Coaches
    In the Coach Login, we provide a lot of tips on links, videos, and events to help you find supportive material for editing the seasonal theme. It also provides a coaching guide that provides general information and guides coaches through the season.


The online registration for the regular exhibition season 2019/20 starts on April 8th, 2019. Depending on this date, the teams can register until 12 weeks before the event. New team coaches must go through a two-stage sign up process: register the email address and sign up for a FIRST ® LEGO® League Junior excibition.

The requirements for registration and participation are the following:

  • FIRST ® LEGO® League Junior Team with up to 6 team members between 6 and 10 years (key date 01.01.2019)
  • at least one full-age coach
  • a LEGO®   Education WeDo 2.0 Set
  • funds for the participation fee

You can find the conditions of participation in the registration form, but also here to read.

Registration deadline is October, 13th, 2019.

If you would like to register a team out of the classroom, please contact Andrea Kaden at

Please note: A FIRST ® LEGO® League Junior Coach can register multiple teams, but only for one regional exhibition. A list of all locations can be found here.